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Just a thought!

Is this forum the best way to communicate with members?
Whilst it is useful and can easily be searched for past information, it is dependant on a member actually remembering and taking the time, to look if there is anything here relevent to them.
I'm sure there will be stats available that tell us how much this forum is used
There may be other avenues and systems available to the club (without cost) that could be more effective communicators.

According to the stats on the first page this forum has 4629 members, now most of those are probably spammers who's details remain on the board.
The most people online here at any one time was 30 back in March this year, again that could be made up of spammers.

The club has over 400 members, many of them only want to be able to fish the clubs waters (that's fine), but there are others who may be more interested in whats happening at the club.

There may be some who would get involved with work parties, if they knew about them.
There may be others interested in matches if they were reminded.
Some might like updates on water closures, new waters, or any restrictions that may occur during the year.

I know some details are published in the T&A, but how many see that, (personally I don't remember the last time I saw one, let alone read one).

The vast majority of people (not everyone) has email or access to email communication.
A simple opt in system could be used for members to receive news updates, at no cost to the club.

Imagine the following scenarios:
1) You live well out side of the area, you set yourself up for a days fishing which involves a bit of travelling to get to the venue, you arrive to find a big sign saying "NO FISHING DUE TO XYZ"
How disappointed would you be? :cry: :x
A simple email telling members that a water had to be closed would avoid that.

2) An email goes out asking for a volunteers for a work party - 20 turn up instead if the same 6 to 10 that always come! :D
How fantastic would that be?

I am thinking of a simple and occasional news update, not a full on regular newsletter, members could opt in at the point of purchase of their book, via a link from the website, or on this forum.
Members could opt out at any time, with an opt out link being automatically part of any email sent.

If we want to encourage younger members to join, email and (dare I mention) Facebook will be their chosen methods of communication.
Don't dismiss them for the older members, my dad is 86 and uses email.

Your thoughts please.
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PostPosted: 11. 07. 2013. (16:16)
Is there a significant problem with the present system?
If they will not, or can not, log onto the web site now will they be bothered to provide an email address or text number to contact them???? Its surprising how many do not bother to sign their book to show that they have read it for this year!
How many of the 400 members actually contact the committee members to give or ask for information?
Do not go for your key board YET as I actually think it has merit and could be a good idea. The committee, and who ever will have the responsibility, would need more details as to the practicalities of your idea if you are to persuade them.
If nothing else happens it is worth raising at the AGM.

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Hi Phill
we used to have a type of newsletter members could sign up to on the web site but it seems nobody bothered.
It might not be any cost to the club but who would take on the responsibility and be willing to spend the time to do it.
As you know the committee are all volunteers who give up there time but there are only 24hrs in a day.

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I'd be happy to do it.
I wouldn't even ask for payment or stamps to send them out.
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PostPosted: 12. 07. 2013. (08:11)
That's the answer i wanted Phill you have my full support.
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Ye Phil is a great idea on paper and one that has been briefly touched before during committee meets.
The problem is as Isaac said above, to read such or write such, you have to have bums on seats. Then when you have the audience you have to have their interest. Once gaining such, then you have gain regularity in the input.
The forum would/ can do all of this, it is capable of sending mass mailings of files/ docs/ or just plain messages to any of its signed up people.
I cant see many people wanting to provide their email addresses for this and then there are a couple of stumbling blocks if it be the case:-
two ways of buying club and web....This would mean the shop keeper having to keep a record of the email addresses to then give to the club, bought through website, this would mean either our webby master having to collate the addresses and implement this...If he dosn't do this job "because god forbid hes already got way too much to do" then he still has to collate the data to pass it on to the next guy. So really when you paint the bigger picture, the idea becomes a bit less plausible.
In essence though good thinking, but in practice I think it may be too much. Though a newsletter downloadable from the webby, or printed and taken to tackle shops once every six months may be an idea? Though this would still need thought and consideration, but would incur less bodies to pull off maybe.

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