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Owing to lack of use the forum will be closing at the end of this month. Members can log on to face book.
Bingley Angling Club (official page)

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Unfortunately this is true.
There are many reasons, lack of use being only one.
Even with the useage level it has, it still needs daily maintenance just to remove spammers.
Many thanks to Charlie, who has been doing the daily spam killing for the last few years.

Why Facebook
Facebook offers a much easier to use and more secure platform to work from.
Many of the spammers get taken out by Faccebook before they get to us.
Its much easier to access from a variety of different devices.
Its far easier to post photos.
It exposes the club to a wider audience of members and potential members.
Its FREE to use and run.
There is a growing and active commuity on the club Facebook page of almost 150 people, more than double the registered users here.

Visit the Facebook page at this address

Or search Facebook for Bingley Angling Club (Official Page)

If you dont have a Facebook account, its quick and easy to set up.
If you need help setting it up send me an email to
web @ bingley angling club. co. uk
remembering to remove the spaces from the above address.
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Thanks Phill.

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