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Hello all i joined Bingley AC in january for the first time and fished Myton with my dad last week.
Can someone please clarify for me where to park. In the book it says park in the lane before the bridge. But then there is a sign before you turn the corner into the lane saying "No cars beyond this point".
Also it was a little confusing at first as we crossed the bridge and headed upstream there was no Bingley AC sign just a sign less than 100 yards down saying Private No Fishing! We did work out this must be the correct bit but we just wanted to be sure before setting up! :) Even though the bank is very steep in places and its around 5 foot close in there were around 4 "safe" swims to fish from :)
I trotted my float through all day and drip fed maggots but nothing was biting :( . I'm not too fushed though as the sun was shining onto us both and it was a pleasure just to be out :D I fished the leeds side when i was a member so i know there are plenty of fish there at the right time of year, so i will be back.

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