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Fished with a couple of mates at the boatyard on Monday..
I started off on the wide but didn't have a bite for an hour so I did what I never do...moved! I relocated 50 metres to the left on to the boats. Tony was already on the boats, as was Lee. Between us we had either a fish or a at least a bite each put in for the next 4 hours ending with us all having over 6lb of fish each!
Bait wise maggot, punch, caster, and pinkie was used by all three of us with caster taking fish to almost a pound for Lee.
I also fed a mix of black 3000 groundbait with gros gardons additive with a small amount of squats through it..
We all fished pole across to the boats, but halfway through I switched to a 4.5 metre whip to quicken things up..

Another enjoyable day on the cut :D

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I had 82 roach all on caster on Saturday..

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