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PostPosted: 10. 05. 2012. (13:31)
Hi all,
New to this board and Bingley angling club. Always been a course angler, love lure fishing particularly, but all course fishing generally. Have started acquiring gear and info about fly fishing, and have joined this club as it is nearby (nab wood) and seems to have a lot of waters with trout. Was just wondering if there are any other members that go, if so where would be a good place to start, and if so maybe I could tag along to a session for some experience? Cheers Pete.

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PostPosted: 11. 05. 2012. (13:00)
I have some fly gear that I bought years ago but never got into it at the time.
I am interested in having go if you want to buddy up some time.
I really need to get some tuition of some sort.
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PostPosted: 20. 06. 2012. (13:01)
im in the same boat as you huggsie66 iv been to commercial waters fly fishing but got the BAC club membership to hopefully try some rivers or streams but could do with been shown where the best places are !!!
so any help would be great ...

thank simon

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PostPosted: 20. 06. 2012. (15:34)
Hi all a couple of members new to fly fishing have been having some good results on the new stretch of the aire at
Riddlesden hall one being nick chuck who you have to book on with might be worth giving him a ring.

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